Math Links


Math links for practice:

Understanding Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 interactive practice

The Amoeba Multiplication Game–this game will help you practice splitting factors (distributive property) and is similar to the area model that is taught in class.

Math Playground: Common Core, 5th Grade

Interactive Sitesweb links for practice of every math concept.

Interactive Math Skill Builders for 5th grade

Houghton MifflinExtra practice on 5th grade concepts

Arcademics – Links for Math games of many concepts – great fun – play against your friends!

Math Concepts – 5th grade games

Khan Academy

North Dakota State Assessment Practice Tests


Place Value – Tutor site

Ordering Numbers:

Order numbers from tens to thousands –tutor site


Skip Counting sequencing from 2-9

Shape patterns – tutor site

Number patterns – tutor site


Rounding – tutor site – from tens to 9999

Facts practice

Around the World in 80 seconds

ADDITION fact practice:

Addition – Tutor site, selected links range from sums of 10, 20, 35, 100.


Subtraction – Tutor site, selected fact differences from basic to 100.

MULTIPLICATION fact practice:

Multiplication – Tutor site, basic facts from 1-12

Multiplication Fact Page 1-12– Quizlet

Select Your Multiple-Practice multiples 2-12

Venn Diagram Multiples– Practice multiples 2-12 and discover what multiples are shared

Johnnie’s Math Page 5th Grade Multiplication-provides a variety of practice in multiplication


Long multiplication practice – Tutor site, two levels

Multiply 2 Numbers– Step by step instruction

Math Frog MultipliACTION– interactive practice

Model and Solve Word Problems Multiplication and Division

DIVISION fact practice:

Division – Tutor site, basic facts from 1-13


Long division practice in 3 digits to remainders

Divide Greater Numbers-short video

Dividerama-interactive practice

Divide Pal

Long division practice

Comparisons of numbers:

Comparing Numbers – Tutor site


Time – Tutor site,  (half hour to elapsed)

ANGLES – Protractor reading practice:

Angles – Tutor site

MathAntics Angles and Degrees- Lesson Video about 9 minutes


Fractions are Division

Identifying Fractions – Tutor site

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages– Math is Fun-good visuals and online practice

Adding Fractions – Tutor site, Khan Academy Adding Unlike Denominators, Finding Least Common Denominator Lesson Video, Adding Unlike Denominators, StudyJams Add & Subtract with Unlike Denominators

Dividing Fractions-Lesson video about 5 minute

Comparing Fractions – Tutor site, MathPlayground, Tug Team Fractions

Equivalent fractions – Tutor site

Simplifying FractionsLesson Video 8 1/2 minutes, Exercise Video 17 minutes, Factor Tree Game

Fraction of a Number- Finding a Fraction of a Number , StudyJams Fraction of a Set

Finding Prime Factors

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages Flash Cards


Decimals-Math is Fun

Decimals – Tutor site – ADD and SUBTRACT

Decimals – Tutor site – Write as Fractions or vice versa

Decimals – Tutor site – Order decimals

Decimals – Tutor site – Place Value, Identify Place Value

Multiply DecimalsUsing Grids, Multiplying a decimal by 10, 100 and 1,000, Online practice, Decimultiplication, Multiplying Whole Numbers by a Decimal

Divide Decimals- Dividing a decimal by 10, 100 or 1,000, FunBrain


Percent Matching – Tutor site – Math percent, decimal, or fraction practice.

Percentage of Whole number – Tutor site – calculate

Applying percentage – Tutor site – tips, real world problems


Probability – Tutor site – likely, unlikely, certain….basics for understanding


Money – Tutor site – Counting and comparing Money values


Order of Operations: Calculate equations using the order of operations. You’ll be introduced to what it is and how it works.

Order of operations – tutor site (PEMDAS)

Order of Operations Game-practice

Math Frog Order of Operations

StudyJams Order of Operations

Order Ops-An Order of Operations

IXL Evaluate Numerical Expressions

AAA Solve by Applying Order of Operations

Drawing on Isometric Paper Videos

How to draw a cube on an isometric paper

Isometric Dot Drawing

Drawing 3D Shapes Using Isometric Paper


Interactive Unit Cubes Tool

Cube Perspective

Isometric Drawing Tool

Cubes-Illuminations site

IXL Volume of Rectangular Prisms-20 free problems on site per day

3D Boxes

Minecraft Volume Rectangular Prisms

Volume and Displacement

Find the Volume


Make a Line Plot

12 StudyJams! Interactive Math Activities


IXL Graph Points on a coordinate plane

IXL Coordinate Planes on a Map


Geometry City Flash Cards